A Brief DNA History

In February 2008, a small group of guys started meeting in my living room every Monday night to dig into the Bible and ask Zenk & me questions. The only rule of the meeting was that every question had to be answered with scripture without any independent interpretations or opinions.

Over time, our families and a few women started coming. In late 2011, we considered the idea of doing something more formal. We did studies at ASU, or rented out a hotel conference room once a month. We decided to stick with the living room. We kept that going for 10 years with everyone going to several different congregations on Sunday mornings until 2018, when we rented a commercial building, started meeting on Sundays, and moved the Monday night gathering to Wednesday.

While the Sunday assembly is a little more formal, with music, corporate prayer, and Zenk teaching before Q&A, we’re trying to keep Wednesdays closer to what we had in the living room, although I’m leading the group discussion & teaching on planned topics. There’s always Q&A, dialogue and a chance for everyone to provoke one another to love and good works.

That being said, we’ve been around for a while…just a little louder now.